Saturday, Apr 7 2007 

I sort of trust civilians…., who are totally occupied working with other civilians, so I like the idea of putting other people in control, of their own projects, and creative ideas, and not wasting my time thinking about the “risk” of letting another guy… “go for his dreams”.

Then there is this popular movement, to ACT – INTELLECTUAL and endlessly talk about the risk, of letting anybody do anything with no monitoring or supervision.

So then on to the next thing…….


Where did you get off track and start following the wrong path?

Sometime in your past, some idiot created an illusion…, he lied, and told you there was security and a surplus for you, if, you went down the path he wanted you to go down.

He would tell you , that your friends and family did not want to help you, and that the only way to get what you wanted and needed , was to follow him, and do things his way.

That guy is a high school superintendent and a high school principal.

They would always tell you, that your family was primitive and could not teach you the skills you needed, or offer you the future you could have if you abandon your family and followed the corporate, and militant style high school .

You had no choice, they would remove any and every choice you could have by interrupting and disrupting any sensual or sexual or business alliance you could have.

They claimed they had done extensive research and learned that your family and other potential civilian alliances and instructors who could have demonstrated advanced work skills, were way behind schedule, and could not really teach you anything.


So they want to know where you got off track…., and started following a militant illusion, when did you decide to kiss some high school superintendents ass?

Did you actually believe that old pervert would help you get anything?

He got his job, his car and his house and his million dollars out of it, so it is your problem if you are not smart like him. He totally screwed over an entire generation of kids, but he got his house and car.


Psychiatry is both the study of pain, and the study of pleasure.

Mostly that means psychiatry is about how to stop pleasure.

A psychiatrist will ask you when you got off track and started following some idiot who wanted you to go down a dead – end path.

Then that information is sold to the militant and corporate people who want to DUPLICATE the easiest and most economical illusions…,, that are proven to motivate the citizens to abandon their civilian alliances and “join the Institutional culture, to get a small reward,

Sometimes these people have a serious problem with being honest, they have never seen quality results from being honest, when they never had any experience with it.

But sometimes, the corporate personnel managers, will simply repeat over and over that the workers are stupid, and incapable of forming an alliance, until the workers really do believe it.

That is militant, they will get nothing but another fight, no matter how they go about it.

So the psychiatrist can work it…, so it is a “good idea” to get back to being a civilian, or, so it is a “bad idea” to get back to being a civilian. They will want to “position” you, like a armored tank on a battlefield, not, to do you or anybody else any good, but only, to get a house, and a car, and a million dollars for themselves.

They will set you up, with a fight, and then supply you, but only with the barest rations and they will also supply the enemy you are fighting.

That stops you and your enemy from getting together, and working together, and then never needing the high school principals.

The pathology of the money, from your pocket to the budget of the school system must be stopped.

The cash is in something like a rut, or a channel, like a tunnel, that runs underground..,the system is outdated, and the cash you make…, will always flow…., to the school systems, and they…., are creating a Nation of people who can not get along or be honest .

There must be SOME OTHER WAY for an 18 year old to get security and a surplus.

That means a better, security and surplus, than the best educated surgeons, economists, bankers and insurance agents.

The ANXIETY of a surgeon, or banker, or insurance agent, or economist, is the problem…., they have all the cool stuff, but they never feel or act, secure, or honest.

Somebody, led them off track, and lied to them.

That was a policy decision, not, evolution, or religion, or a mistake, it was a plan.

The most important thing, is to stop telling the idiots what your plan is.

They will mangle it to keep themselves secure.


Wednesday, Apr 4 2007 

In the morning I will have a really creative idea I will want to put here on a blog and then it takes too long to get the thing started and by the time I start writing I forget the idea and the competitive edge and usefulness of the idea is lost, when waiting for the computer to get started for so long allows the scavengers and predators and “camp followers”, to catch up and then they want to hang around all day, being dependent on me and the other stronger people and then I end up feeling like I am writing to a crowd of people who want to conform, and join the system, and not try to make friends with other strong people and invent a new system, and build a functional model of a new system that could be duplicated, to allow greater comfort and mobility for more people.

There is a little URL list…,thing…, on my browser that shows all the sites and places this blogsite has to visit before it loads the screen where I write and edit these posts, it really hauls ass past about maybe fifty little sites and things it has to load, to kiss everybody’s ass before it is allowed to let me get started working.

Who are these assholes? I mean where do they live and what color car do they drive? I would love to show up sometime they are having lunch and make it take about fourteen hours for them to get back to work after they go to lunch. They slowed me down, and that is not cool, so Maybe it is their turn.

I grew up surrounded by flight instructors, a lot of guys in Alaska wanted to learn to fly, so they could know something about what that flying idea or business was all about, so most guys, when they learn to fly, will also learn to be flight instructors. Then they will teach another guy about how totally alone you are when you are flying an airplane, there is nothing up there to help you, and the plane will have more fuel in it than you will feel like flying, to burn up all that fuel, so the independence thing you think you want, and the identity thing you think is so special, is great, but teaching a guy to fly will be about teaching a guy that the real, the very real, and correctly built technology, really will respond instantly , until you just can’t wait to get home and get out of that damn sky.

So the original idea is to write healthy happy stuff that might attract other strong people to form alliances with, and then I get surrounded by glitches and interruptions that break my concentration, and it is like they are so weak, they need to follow me, hoping I might accidentally drop a good idea they might cheapen and make economical and make about four percent of the money the project was designed to make.

If you want freedom and civil liberties, then stop putting yourself between the pilot and his plane. That pilot is more adult than you are, and the world, and karma, and anybody with real cash, knows it. You might make rent money and make a payment on a car by making a pilot jump some hoop before he goes flying, but the world will know that is weak and immature and another indicator of what you might do with your cash if you ever get more of it.

Just go ahead and be a smart ass, and try to keep a sailor away from his ship, and he will become a trucker and start running drugs and guns and surrounding your town with the sleazy and weak.

The American “school teacher system”, just find some guy, find out what he wants and put several more secretaries and little wannabe manager geeks between the guy and his job.

The school system will teach a eighth grader, to interrogate a pilot , to learn some way to get between the pilot and his airplane.

They want him to be a Christian first? yes actually sometimes they do insist on that.

Then the idea is that they do not want that pilot to start dropping small heavy objects out of that plane on top of the poor weak innocent people on the ground.

Show me these poor weak and innocent people, every single one of them will claim they can kick your ass in business or have their gang kick your ass. they are ravenous wicked tormented aggressive animals.

An airplane, shows their weakness, they think airplanes are NOT FAIR.


Then…, in about maybe 1995 there was a new bluff in America.

Nice new bluff with all the bells and whistles.

They sort of started claiming they had all that old stuff worked out.

Gee… No SHit? the corporations and institutions and industries got it all worked out?

I live right next to an airport and if anything legal and healthy was going on I would hear airplanes, I don’t, so there must be something illegal and not healthy going on.

So I guess the logic is that is the strong people got together and left, the phone answering girl and the little manager geek would start breeding and that would lower the species back to frogs and lizards. So we are supposed to bring them with us.

I think they are tying to get ahead of it, like they are preparing decades in advance for the species to lower itself to a primitive state…, so they put on about sixty pounds get a couple tats, and a goatee and start practicing apathy like they practiced aerobics back when I was young, then they sort of drool and act stoned and tell you…, uhhh maybe it is balance and equilibrium.

This is not exactly some of my better writing.

I started out this morning with some great ideas, and by the time I got to this screen, the ideas were not, about how I can work with others to make a better future, it was about all the thousands of geeks who you just know…, did great in an American school system, hijacking my desktop and stealing my information and redirecting my browser and all that clever shit they think is justifiable, in a world that is letting them get away with sabotaging other peoples activity and daily routines, with anonymity.

When a sex offender gets busted they sometimes have to go around and tell their neighbors they got busted for some sex thing.

Then we need a law like that, for web -hosts, I think THEY…, need to go around a and knock on peoples doors and ADMIT, that they set out in life to screw people over , by hiding behind an internet wall…., and acting like hot shit business people when really they are mostly some of the sleaziest excuses for human beings I have ever encountered.

So now I will turn this thing off for a while and try to forget all the resentment and fury that comes with knowing that if some smart people don’t get their shit together and kick the living shit out of the internet soon the fuckers are going to implode on themselves.

Get them some jobs that involve going outdoors, or they are going to get stoned and drunk and end up in treatment centers with a “NEW FORM ” of high tech dementia… and they will require a new form of treatment center and total mental reprogramming that starts with the original programming of their frontal lobes in fifth grade in an American school system.

The tobacco companies got sued for making people sick

The computer people and the school system could get sued for making people sick.

The mentality they can not normally handle, is if we allow a stratification of society based on a comprehensive knowledge of the physical terrain, not the digital terrain.

Schoolteachers go bonkers, when a kid, skips school….or their parents let the kid, NOT go to school that day and the kid gets to walk around and learn the physical terrain of the town they live in.

The teachers are STUCK in a building.. and they want control, the aphrodisiac of power over another human being. they do not like it when a kid finds healthier options to the limited and sick atmosphere a school offers.


In our town, in the spring time, the fish would start running and the dads would spontaneously show up at the school to get their kids and take them out to get some grayling.

The teachers would hate it, drastically and dramatically, they would punish the kids who went fishing for days afterward, and then it was like any kid who got out of school and went fishing with their dad, was doomed to get bad grades and probably a minimum wage job, and no credit at a bank when they grew up.

I don’t mean a little extra homework, I mean a lifetime of being treated like a lower species, a particular, dangerous species, that will not worship the institutions that grow fish in tanks, and force you to microwave that food, then pretend it is the space age way to do things.

We grew up an lived in Alaska, fishing was part of the day, but the teachers came from the school system.

The teachers were in school almost every day of their lives from the time they were six years old.

Time to get on with some other ideas.

leave a couple spaces between new ideas Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

There is this organizational thing.

People put the “philosophy and preparation and technique”….. for military , right next to industrial, then they put…, institutional, right next to those two things, and then tell you that one of these things is civil or civilian.

I think the military and industrial and institutional things might belong together on a remote desert island covered with bugs and snakes, but then I think we need to leave some space between that emotionally radioactive set of unworkable philosophies and then go live a happy functional life someplace they can’t get to us.

The “alone”, in private enterprise, is a strong tool Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

I think that at first, all the little cute college girls have their hands onthe lever of “alone”,…, the illusion that,’ no girl wants a guy to be alone.’

But then, that, is garbage.

“The institutional illusion version”, of something resembling civilian activity.

So the ladies have the idea that it is their job, to discover why , a man might want a real private lifestyle, mostly, so that man, does not invent something that would wipe out seven or eight million jobs, make the industries scramble to get their shit together,  and force the girls to get married and stay with one guy for more than a couple years at  a time.

When one guy, tries to open a small business, the “lever of alone” is right out where any idiot can get a grip on it, and try to move it, or shove it, or pull it, to stop the guy from proving people don’t need institutions or industries.

If he did it, all the old Boomers would get sad, ( big cool boomer word, “sad”…,)  and demented, and blow a couple trillion dollars tying to turn the country into Disneyland so the chicky babes on spring break would like those old geeks again.


When your competition can’t handle the part about being alone…..

They are your friends, but they are very proud and vain about being competitive with you , never proud of helping you or seeing you get successful as a result of them participating in keeping you secure while you develop a functional private lifestyle.

They will probably not encourage you to start any business where you would be alone.

The foresight and planning that is a result of precision research to open a small business, will tell you, that…, if you are successful with a small business you will be alone a lot, and it could get really uncomfortable, and that is the tool, the very strong tool that will leverage you out of the idea of starting your own private enterprise.

The alone part ends up ‘looking like’ you did something sort of ~ strange~, so the society pushed you out of their group and then shoved you to the side or the back of the herd to deal with the scavengers and predators that feed on the sick and weak.

Really I’m not convinced humans naturally push the weak and sick to the edge or back of the herd, I think they elect them to “positions of leadership” and keep them in limousines and surround them with reporters so we know exactly what they are doing all day every day.

Later on, the alone part of having a small business, wears off…., and it can be really comfortable and secure.

That strong tool, becomes an incredible defense, and sometimes a motivator.

I think we need more small businesses that don’t follow with the normal small business start – up that is so easy for the wrong people to collect data about.

They, ( data/ statistics/political science people), don’t seem to help other people get a private life, they seem to be totally against the concept of a private life, and I think that is about them not wanting to be alone.

They create the illusion, by their treachery, that all civilians are horrible mean people who will go to any length to starve each other into submission or hurt each other.

It is a huge machine, out there that pays the little college girls, to pretend they like you and then they will do anything to wipe you out. They get paid for that it is not remotely their natural way or anything they could admit, that is where all the “emotional issues come from, the institutions sort of “keep them on welfare”, for providing information about real civilians who could replace the institutions.

They want their rewards from institutions and industries, but they know it is popular to talk like they don’t like that idea and don’t help people who “join the system”.

They want you to jump a hoop, first, a hoop they know about, so they can”understand” what you did to get a private life, and then I think, they…, can stop others from getting a private life.

So you…, might make it past them, but nobody else ever will, and then you will not have anything in common with any of your contemporaries, when you all, had to design a custom method to get past the psychologists that “need ” to figure out how to avoid, getting what you, want. You want independence, and they, have no useful application for independence if they had it.

There are thirty and forty year olds who are still living like they are in high school, making good money, but they are still trying to impress the “school system”, and then they get a day off, to pretend they are adults on weekends sometimes, but that is not a real life, this is only working, to create and sustain the illusion that a school teacher is a real job.

People learn , from observing a repeated demonstration, so most people never saw anything but school teachers screwing around dragging out a six month education into a four year long career for teenagers.

This is not about anarchy, really, this is about a choice, to protect and support a guy ,like me, who wants to build a place that is not going to turn in an institution in your lifetime, it might after a hundred years,but that will be later.

I needed some friends to ‘block” and also help me get jobs and other equipment and support for a cool little business, and what I got was a million assholes who wanted me to pay them like they were mercenaries.

That is one reason I think Pot needs to be legal , a lot of them smoked dope, and I really wonder… I actually believe that if pot was legal back then, they would have been glad to help me, but they had a little secret they did not want to have slip into the stream of research and data being so closely observed by scavenger college girls who make a living reporting any civil or civilian behavior to institutions.

A syndicate that got our attention, and kept it. Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

NO BIG DEAL REALLY….. but there was a couple of really rich guys that got a grip on almost all the cool stuff in Alaska in the late 1800s and early 1900s and they sort of really screwed up, and almost kept the whole place for themselves.

That was pretty cool actually, if I was hyper rich, and bored, I might try to take over a huge state that had no government or people that could resist my ideas too.

So then I drift off into this fun little moment when I was a teenager where this ultimately cute little ice skater girl just knew I was about the coolest guy on the planet and she did not know how much I totally agreed, that , certainly, I agreed, and was hoping she would not blow my cover.

Then in this little blog site I built called:…. The risk of peaceful work….…,I try to pretend the girl would have…” never…, wanted me to secretly visit her private apartment”…. if her parents would have allowed her to have one.

It was her idea, I never said a word. (Her parents were apparently talking about her, getting her own place closer to the rink, but I have no idea if that ever worked out.)

So then as a result of the locals not having awesome ice skater girls chasing their sons around, they positioned me to be a loser, and the little skater chick grew up to be a nasty dyke who lives on crigslist and hates humanity.

Back in my loser days, I had to work at a cannery. Yay.

The SYNDICATE(S) back in the early part of that last century (1900s? right?)they all brag endlessly about, was seriously interested in the cannery business, and then they got into copper and anything else that only cost a few billion to buy, and control.

I think of a lot of these ideas, like they are pool balls that were leftover from a game where the players got in an argument about cheating and left, and I want to use the table for something else, like putting plywood on the table and having a great feast, but first I want to knock all the leftover balls, or ideas, into the pockets, by slamming them with other, newer, and better ideas, and…. , also, not cheating.

’bout everything I am writing is recycled from other people’s stuff, so if you need authentic and genuine I think you need to go hiking and camping and develop your own original story and write it….I might suggest going to some place in Alaska, and having a lot of cash to spend locally….

Concept or idea or fantasy or logic or whatever. Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

So the place…. is to get away from here, and then somehow take all the gear I need from here and sort of go out in the woods a build a modern society, like at my house and then expand that , within the real laws of the country, not the laws of the schools or corporations and then expand into a future and lifestyle I like.

Sounds like a lot of rebellion, and all that stuff they tell you to watch out for.

Not rebellion against the establishment but more like subtraction and isolation from the negative and virtually hopeless atmosphere of the modern road corridor atmosphere where staying within the law does not always match with staying within the various, and endless, “new rules”of the corporations and peer groups.

So I guess I sound like I complain and whine a lot, in my long writings about my past and the corrupt garbage that set me up to have some serious struggles I believe could have been avoided, and were totally against the law on other peoples part. They forced me to live, a lifestyle of escaping, and running from their incessant punishments.

So in my other blogs , like… here,.. and then also.. here.., and.. here…, I cut loose with ideas that I think are very current and dangerously truthful considering that guys like Newton and Darwin waited for years before publishing their writing, to avoid something, and I would have to imagine it was something like people freaking out about the potential of the truth being seen in their writing.

Newton and Darwin would have loved to get out of town and go camping in the backwoods of Alaska where I have a small place and they might not get stupid and spend all their time interrogating me, when they could be out exploring the mountains and checking the place out.

I don’t think I would have liked , or agreed with either one of them but after we had some knowledge of that forest in common, we would probably get along fine, and agree that , usually the people sitting around my campfire, agree, to agree, that the people around my campfire are the smart people, and everybody else is a little less smart.

I have noticed that about people sitting around my campfire.

The method to get people to design cars and roads Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

If you can. load this page with all the images, here , it takes forever to load on my browser, but it is all the photos I could get, snagging them around the internet, about what I think is going to get us better cars and roads.

So I have this leftover idea from the nineties where just your average guy could build about anything he wanted, like a car or anything, as long as he did not try to manufacture zillions of whatever he was building.

The idea….( private enterprise/small business) was popular for a while, but then the fun sort of went out of it, when people got a little behind…., trying to just take advantage of the economy when it looked like it was doing so great, in the nineties.

The idea might come back, and then there are a lot of cool ideas around we can build if there is a recession or if we want to stop pretending we know better than the politicians how to run wars and be corrupt clowns.

I don’t want to be involved, with wars, or corrupt clowns.

There was a time in our mythological history, where wars were not allowed in our houses and the clowns worked at the circus, they did not turn the entire country into one.

A link to page (9)… to turn a limousine bus, into a school bus. Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

Here is a link to a set of three pages I wrote about an old idea everybody was talking about in the 70s and 80s…., where the kids choose their school instructors and then get to travel to where the instructors are, to learn the trade that instructor teaches.

It is a fun idea , mostly to get people talking about anything that is not about adapting to the world the way it is.

Basically I hope you can load pages nine…,, where it links to, and pages ten and eleven and let the images load so they work to show you sort of how primitive they are compared to how realistic and modern the ideas are.

Here is the linkTo the fancy page (9)….have fun.

Then if you think it is weird, take the idea, and write it your own way.

And think about asking a kid, they might have some pretty cool ideas themselves.

Then, be modern, steal the kids ideas and tell evrybody you had the idea yourself.

It is a valuable work skill for the kid to learn…., to never tell you a really good idea.

Lets start out with rifles and guns. Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

First trip is , that if you are in a situation where you need a pistol, a rifle would normally be a better idea, and then, if you need a rifle, you probably messed up getting security and a surplus by being around the cool people in the first place.

Hitting a target you are aiming at, makes sense, and it is an accomplishment that requires self discipline to do more than once in a while. That is cool, the idea is that while you are at the shooting range, you are not in traffic, or at the gym bothering other people.

I live and work in the wilderness and mostly I challenge myself to try to get better at living in the woods so I will need to carry a rifle less and less. The thing is heavy and it is always in the way, and it is only really cool to have it when there is a caribou or moose or a big bird or something to get for dinner.

I think, from living in the woods I have learned that it would be really easy to hurt another person with old fashioned rocks and sticks about as fast as with a rifle. So I am not all that interested in debating if rifles need to be legal as much as I think the traffic and people bothering people who are shopping is more likely to get somebody hurt.

Then this willl be a real one of maybe three ones Thursday, Mar 29 2007 

like one number two.

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